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March 18, 2013 : ImPulSe has received the necessary equipment to become a long term energy independent ocean cruiser : Watt & Sea hydrogenerator, Solar panels, AGM batteries, Battery control,...

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Identify the most important people in your life and invite them to a magnificent sailing experience coached by one of our professional coaches / sailing instructors.

During one week, you get along together, decide about the sailing program and share the exceptional scenery of Corsica, Elba, Capraia or Sardeigna.

Our coach makes sure you share your goals and dreams with the people on board. Together you investigate on how your environment can help you succeed.


One week of real time out makes you learn to know yourself, changes your life and makes the life of your dearest better.

Individual Coaching - the key to success

Family and Friends can boost your career opportunities or open new horizons for you.  Most individual coaching programs do not give attention to this, although it is proven that you will not realize your goals if they're not shared and supported by the people that are really important to you.


IPS TeamSailor has set up a unique individual coaching program for you AND the most important people in your life.