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March 18, 2013 : ImPulSe has received the necessary equipment to become a long term energy independent ocean cruiser : Watt & Sea hydrogenerator, Solar panels, AGM batteries, Battery control,...

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TeamSailing can be organized for teams of 6 to 10 teammembers or up to 16 people sailing ImPetuS and ImPulse in one TeamSailing.

Twice a year, TeamSailing is organized for individuals. Please contact us for more information :


TeamSailing, Examples


 - Boost the International Development – participants : European Operational Unit Managers

- Define the Marketing strategy of the Business units – participants :  Business Unit Managers
- Decision Making in Top Corporate Management – participants : CEO, COO, CFO, HR, BDM
- Launch the project of the building of a new factory – participants : core project team, owner and user
- Define the operational model of a new Production plant : production – maintenance – quality managers
TeamSailing is there for all kind of teams : Managers, Engineers, Bankers, Officials, Lawyers, Consultants, ...