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March 18, 2013 : ImPulSe has received the necessary equipment to become a long term energy independent ocean cruiser : Watt & Sea hydrogenerator, Solar panels, AGM batteries, Battery control,...

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IPS TeamSailor organizes the complete TeamSailing from your home airport on Sunday afternoon till back there on Saturday morning.

In the Mediterranean the ideal period for TeamSailing is from March to June and from September to November. Around Corsica, TeamSailing is a unique experience the whole year long.

TeamSailing, The Concept 

The coaching is performed by Group-IPS managers, or your own coach to whom we provide a guideline.

The targets of the TeamSailing are discussed and specified within your organization 6 weeks prior to the TeamSailing. Our Coach therefore spends time in your organization to fully understand your strategy, corporate culture and objectives.

Team-members send in their individual preparation according to the scheme of 5 to 10 workshops elaborated by the coach. Workshops are held with 4 to 6 participants according to a fixed time scheme, whereby targets are clearly agreed, tracked and documented. In the Meantime, 2 to 3 participants manage logistics and the yacht under the guidance of the sailing instructor.

Our professional sailing instructor transforms the team members into an efficient as well as independent sailing crew and takes care about the safety on board.


At the end of the week, the management of the Team can be invited to join the TeamSailing to discuss and consolidate the results.


Once back on land, we organize a debriefing and a follow-up activity in the organization to ensure that the actions which have been defined during the TeamSailing have been realized.